A Dark Sphere On A Strange Night

Published on: February 1, 2014

More than four months had passed since the two nights of the lights in the sky. Then on the evening of Thursday January 30 2014, something occurred that was very different, but that I consider at least as unusual.

Strange Feelings

I don’t really know how to describe this. I have had plenty of times in the past when I have felt unusual, both physical and emotional ups and downs.  I felt something new that night. Much stronger, and unlike other physical and emotional peaks and valleys, it didn’t really feel like it was coming from within. I wasn’t really upset about anything. Physically I was, well, normal.

I left my work office at home and walked the stairs to the main floor to go make some coffee.  As I did I felt an overwhelming urge to go outside.  I was just going for a coffee break, so this might seem strange, but it is sometimes common for me to go out and just enjoy the fresh air, trees, the creek running along my property line, the birds and other occasional animals. I often start the coffee and go outside for 2 minutes while I wait. Except this didn’t feel like my idea.  I felt a little flushed and thought some fresh air might be good so I went out. I didn’t care if it was my idea or not, what a silly thing to even ponder. There was nobody else in the house.

It was dark, and sometimes I don’t feel too comfortable outside in the dark, at night without so much as a flashlight, since there are many animals in the area.  Nothing that would come to me though, just deer and small animals that would flee if they saw me, perhaps a black bear, who would hide there in the woods until I went back inside. Nothing to worry about though.

But this time I walked out on the front steps, and how do I describe this…  It felt a bit like a stage, surrounded by an audience full of my friends. I was comfortable.  I did not feel alone but this time it was fine. Reassuring, calming.

Then suddenly a pang of anxiety. Not really sure why. And not sure why I looked up, it was very dark and I couldn’t see anything… No stars or moon, just dark. I assumed (and still do) that it was completely overcast.  (I live on the east coast of Canada and the weather at my home tends to be one extreme or the other: totally overcast, or completely clear.)  I usually have either a great view of the night sky or none at all. This was the latter case.

A Dark Round Area Above Me

Yet I continued to look up. Directly over my head. Then I think as my eyes adjusted further to the darkness, suddenly I noticed it.

BlackSphereA dark area directly above me. Well it was all dark above me, very dark. But this was even darker. A round, darker area… very round, completely round, what seemed like as perfect a circle as I could imagine, or see under the low light conditions.  Very close to black on dark grey, much like this image to the right is, is against the dark grey web page background. Just even more subtle that the dark sphere on against this page. It’s a darker sphere on a dark background, but you definitely see the sphere to the right, you know it’s there, right?

The darker round patch was about the size of my house, maybe a little bigger.  So I would estimate it to have been approximately 20m (60 feet) across. And that circle was filled with a darker sky, like a round blob of 98% darkness, surrounded by 85% darkness (very dark grey) for the rest of the sky.

I could barely see that it was there, and again questioned in my mind whether I was actually seeing something.  It must be a hole in the clouds, I thought.  But then I realized I wasn’t seeing any stars through it.  And then it moved. It “coasted” to my left, to the north. Not far, only about as far as its diameter, so I’d say it moved about 50-75 feet to the north, slowly.  Then it stopped again.

When I saw it start to move, I realized it wasn’t just my eyes not being able to see in the dark.  I compared where it looked like the sphere was to the thin winter branches of the hardwood tree directly in front of my house. The sphere was over the tips of those branches, and I could clearly see it moving slowly to my left.  Again, I thought, “it’s just a hole in the cloud and finally I noticed the clouds moving.” Right?

BlackSphereStarBut then it stopped again, completely, and I found myself staring at a black area above and off my left shoulder. Completely black inside.  Then suddenly there was a small light… a star…  directly in the middle of the hole vertically, but on the far right side of the hole. I started feeling like things were more normal again, until I realized that was the trailing edge of the circular black area during the movement.  If it was actually a hole in the clouds, as the hole moved left, I should have first seen any new stars on the far left edge, the leading edge, and then watched the stars drift to the right as the hole moved left. Not the trailing edge, long after the cloud layer had opened this hole.  Also, there were no other stars seen. No stars when it first appeared, no other stars as it moved across, no other stars at any time during that night.  It just… didn’t seem right to me, and didn’t seem to make any sense as I stared and strained to see what the dark area was.

It’s also hard to describe the feeling, which was at least half of the experience. My body and my emotions seemed a bit turned up, amplified.  I had only gone from one room in my house to another for a coffee, yet suddenly felt completely compelled to go outside.

But all of this was so iffy.  I thought… okay this is normal, it’s just a darker area where I can see some night sky.  One star, in that whole big area, where I might normally see a few dozen.  But still, it’s a star. It was January… it was cold, so I turned and went inside.

The Next Day

The next day I came close to calling for an ambulance.  I felt miserable. A little trouble breathing regularly, but it felt like my pulse was skipping beats. I wasn’t having any sharp pains or mobility problems, but I thought maybe it was one of those low-effect cardiac issues that people sometimes overlook.  My mother was a nursing supervisor, and had taught me the proper way to take a pulse. I monitored mine, counting them out, and it seemed very much like I was missing one, hitting 3 out of 4, or skipping one every 5 or 6 beats, but it seemed to coincide with when I held my breath to get a better measurement of the pulse, so I just started breathing as regularly as possible and my pulse seemed to be more normal. So I don’t know. But I didn’t call the ambulance. I felt horrible, but concluded it wasn’t anything urgent.  Just nasty.  I took some aspirin, since it felt like a heart issue, I figured that wouldn’t hurt, and might help. I went to bed to lay down and rest, and slept about 2 hours (this was late afternoon).


I mention all of this, and record it here now, just in case it turned out to be important.  Maybe it matches up with the experiences of someone else.  I mention it because it’s part of a 24 hour period where I was experiencing physical conditions and emotions that I had not experienced before this in my 50+ years of life.  It stood out as very unusual to me.  And coupled with the dark round area outside above my head, and the unusual lights and flashes a few months earlier, …

Okay this sounds a bit like the ravings of a lunatic. But I’m telling you, something was above me. I saw it move. It wasn’t a hole, because nothing got through. I think it was lower than the clouds; it felt much closer. If it wasn’t only about 100 feet above me, then it was huge.

It was creepy and it was very very dark, darker than the night sky.  As strange as my September experience was, I actually feel like this second one was more significant. Stranger. And it was personal. It wasn’t just lights in the sky. It was directly over me. And I was physically ill the following morning, so bad I almost called for an ambulance.  Something happened. I just have no clue what happened.

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