Unusual Sound Driving During Storm

Published on: September 22, 2013

September 22, 2013: This is about a week after the lights in the night sky.

It was raining REALLY hard on my way home. I decided to film the last 2 minutes of my ride on the highway before I took the exit to my house. I couldn’t see a damn thing in the rain, or hear anything over the pounding of the rain on the windshield.

That’s why I didn’t notice the WEIRD NOISE at 0:07 in the video below… It’s only about a second long:

The radio was off. It wasn’t me. I was alone in the car.

Perhaps that was thunder. If you listen *for* thunder you can hear it reverberating in the background separate from THE sound. But there’s also a deep bass note resonating in it that makes it very creepy, almost like scary soundtrack music was starting.

Very weird. Maybe the encoder on my Android phone (Samsung Galaxy S3).

For the record, I have not edited or altered this video other than to chop this clip out of the longer, otherwise uneventful, recording. The audio has not been modified in any way, except that I saved the audio in the chopped video at the highest quality (320kbps so as to not lose any quality).

Also, coincidentally perhaps, the only moment of visual significance occurs just at the start of that sound, when a dark patch crosses the windshield. It almost looks like a hand.  It’s a bit strange that it happens at the same time as the unusual sound, and what may be a rumble of thunder in the distance. Image below:


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  1. Mind Bend says:

    My girlfriend said she couldn’t heard the sound playing the video from Vimeo on this page, however I think that was just due to the fact that it is a very deep sound, and her laptop speakers did not project bass sounds very well.

    I would suggest that if the sound is not obvious to you, in the second between the 0:07 and 0:08 marks, that you turn up the volume so that the rain is quite loud, or try it with a headset.

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